satan at work when we least expect it

A Plea for Prayer


It’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of “satan doesn’t exist” or “satan only works in these ways and not others”.

The reality is, satan works best through the mindset “Ignorance is bliss.” And no, his name doesn’t deserve to be capitalized, I often wonder why it is-probably because people are on his side and don’t even know it. I invite you to read on, otherwise you’ll be fulfilling the statement “ignorance is bliss”


Getting out of “Ignorance is Bliss”

Obviously, the goal is to get out of “ignorance is bliss,” but why? Because it allows us to participate in God’s plan further. What do you do when you turn on the news and there’s a sad/bad story about someone dying? Chances are, (like me all to often), you quickly switch the channel or you think “I’m glad I’m not in that situation.” That’s exactly what satan wants us…

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