Shifting Technology from a Burden to a Tool


When Jesus said drop everything and follow Me, He said it for good reason (Matthew 19:20-26). Most of us get distracted from seeking the kingdom (Matthew 6:33) because of technology and the fact that we aren’t using it the right way.

Think about a friend who is texting you “How was you’re day?” or “What are you doing?” instead of calling you and figuring out the same answers and more in 2 minutes. Or playing words with friends or video games. If I do it, it’s filling in Jesus time.

I feel much more fulfilled after reading the Bible and talking with God than playing words with friends, surfing fb, or checking email fervently. Think about the amount of time that could be spent getting closer to God if we dropped our reliance of fulfillment from even one of those things: Video games, Words with Friends, Angry Birds, Facebook, etc.

Besides, those things are only fun in the moment. It’s like bacon, it’s good when you eat it, but it makes you feel bad afterwards. Don’t let the devil convince you otherwise (Matthew 16:23). Think about how Jesus diminished Peter’s pride to admonish him and to bring Peter closer to Him. (Mark 14:66-72) Then his mindset completely changed into one that was clothed with humility (1 Peter 5:5-8), now that’s a salad. An eternal one 😉


It’s not that we can’t have fun, but certain things (ie video games, books, and TV) are meaningless without some kind of community and are just making us more worldly (John 17:14) as we try to relate to those characters and the perception of how they find fulfillment-which is entirely inaccurate (Ecclesiastes 5:10-11). But during a board game or card game, you get to know a lot about real people. Social skills. We need those.

Playing online is all about the game and you are constantly engaged in the game, talking about it, and not talking about life. Besides, most people you will never meet in person.


Now don’t get me wrong, many things tech-wise should be used for God’s glory, like blogging, Facebook posting, texting, and commenting to encourage and admonish each other to get closer to God (Colossians 1:28). But if we aren’t doing what we do tech-wise for the purpose of glorifying God, there’s really no point. If it’s not bringing us or our friends closer to God, it’s bringing them and us farther away and has therefore become a branch in which we step out on and don’t see God as well. (See )

We must start ‘eating salads’ and start doing the things that seem boring in the moment but fulfill and satisfy us for the rest of the day, in the long run. (see )

We often find that God blesses those moments and decisions of repentance into joy, though we may be blinded from that joy now or our mind so easily forgets about the joy He has given us before when we trust in Him alone. He wants us to be patient and trust in Him for that joy. (Psalm 40:1-4)


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