The misconception of love: Salad > Bacon


We as a society have misrepresented loving one another. Think about raising a child, you don’t let them do whatever they want, rather, you help them do what they need. (Titus 2:5)

1. Jesus’ love

Jesus loved everyone and He showed it by getting up in disciple’s faces, challenging them, and even calling one Satan (Matt 16:23)! Jesus did what He needed to bring people in a closer relationship with Him, because He knew that it was the only way they would find fulfillment and purpose in this life, and in the life to come (John 7:18).

2. Salad > Bacon

Think about eating food for taste, it’s only good in that moment, not later on; in fact, it hurts your body (Philippians 3:19-21). The friends I appreciate most are not the ones who are ‘nice’ to me in the moment, but rather, the ones that are nice to me in the long run. They are looking out for me in the long run and admonishing me because they really care about me (Colossians 3:16).

A very good friend of mine who has known me for a long time told me that I was idolizing girls in my life and putting my energy into creating a better friendship/relationship with them. She told me it was sad to see that in me. I admit that I was enraged in the moment, but only because she was right. She was being used by God to convict me, and I thank God for using her to show me that.

3. Applying it

More recently, I’ve learned to throw away my people pleasing habits, especially when God is calling me to say something like that to a friend of mine. If a friend dislikes me in the moment for simply reflecting God’s word into their ears, so be it, because I know that later on, they will be thankful, and even if they aren’t, they will then know God’s way in that particular situation. It’s just like eating a tasteless salad for lunch, then feeling great the rest of the day.


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